Imagine Auto Showdown…


… it’s a cabin fever fueled, gloves off, run what ya brung, face off between us and our rides, with a few surprise guests just to make things exciting.  Between the lot of us we had my VW GTI, Kaspar’s 997 TT, Roxanne’s 991 Targa, Karl’s 944 Turbo, Jeremy’s Land Rover and Collin’s Bimmer.  OK, it freezing outside and we probably aren’t going to do anotherdrag race in the back parking lot, so I’ve supplied some substitutes. 

I promised surprise guests and they are comprised of a city bus, tow truck, street cleaner, fork lift and mail delivery truck.  These test subjects are going to help us prove just how realistic the racing really is. 

Did I say realism?  Before the race began the 944 needed some repairs. 

Lined up and ready to race.

The gate dropped and there’s Roxanne’s Targa in the lead, Stephen’s 997 in second, my GTI in third and Karl’s Ninefortyfourth.

Jeremy’s Land Rover had some trouble finishing… apparently size matters.  Oops.

Our crazy eyed, independent test driver lines up other test subjects.

OK, so things didn’t go so well. 


 The mail truck was the first one to the finish line, so he was lined up with the top placing cars and we decided to find out who had the faster car at Imagine Auto.

The results are:

First: Stephen

Second: Roxane

Third: Jeremy

Ever wonder why it takes so long to get your mail?  Or why you never get it all?  Well, you can thank me for this shocking new evidence!


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