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A TT from my past


My years of passion has often steered me towards any car I could shove HP. This one is no exception. Affectionately named money this was the first TT I owned. With only 4500 miles on the clock this car set the pace for us in the TT world.  No sooner than I purchased the car on went the modifications. Modified K24s, ECU tuning, Diverter valves, intake system, HF racing Cats, headers, muffler, Bilstein suspension, stage 3 clutch and a tranny rebuild. The tranny received longer 1st and 2nd gears , a rebuilt and beefed up LSD, steel syncros, RUF wheels, GT2 mainshaft and billet shift forks. I had found out all to easily that the main shaft can bend on any 96 or 97 TT. The 97 was better, but still suffered from the issue. How do I know? Well, I did it three times. The last time it took me 10K in order to lock the tranny down so it would not destruct again. One of the builds latest no more than 900 miles. 

 The car also was a guinea pig for various of products including  an actual carbon fiber made from “green fibers” found only in Hawaii at the time. This is before CF had hit the market big and we thought we could do something different than anyone else. The end result was outstanding, but even a little to much from the Fast and Furious for my liking. We also used various interior panels for Billet products to be developed.  

Where is this car now? Well unfortunately I was cut off one night coming home and forced to hit the median and the car flipped 3 times, rolled down an embankment on its top.  No worries, I walked away with only minor injuries. These cars are well built.

 Why am I bring this car up now? Well in the near future I will start blogging our new addition to the Kaspar family. Another 97 993TT. This one also has a history, but more importantly also supports some fun things like Gt28s, twin plug, huge valves and so on.  I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but this will be one of the bigger 993TT builds we have done.









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