Track Season is coming…..

Though the temperatures haven’t been much warmer lately, the calender shows track season closing in.  With the first event of the year coming in 2 weeks in Texas, the cars are starting to fire up for the season.  Before we do so, we have a 28′ ATC theft recovery trailer which we acquired and will be putting back into service this spring.  We will be re-skinning the entire trailer, as the exterior was stripped and sold as scrap metal, and rebuilding the interior and the floor.

This weekend I started removing all the old rivets and tape which held the siding on.  We picked up bulk rolls of aluminum metal, and will reinstall the sides once it is prepped.  Another weekend of work, and it should be ready for some siding.

I also picked up a new tow vehicle, which will haul the trailer around without missing a beat.  A 2002 Chevy 2500HD replaces my old truck which finally wore out.  I shall call him…….Mini Moo.  Future modifications?  Probably not anything body or suspension wise, but who knows what we might do for some more subtle horsepower.

Even the track dog thinks it will be good enough to ride to the track in…..


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