Trailers Continued….

With 60+ degree weather blessing us this weekend, Stephen and I got quite a bit of work done on the trailer. Saturday we finished removing the old siding adhesive from the exterior, and will be ready to start applying the new siding once the new adhesive tape shows up. Not an easy job by any means, lots of elbow grease required…..

Backed into the shop for stripping:

I also hung the cabinets back in place, reattached a bunch of latches, etc that had been removed, and did some general cleaning and inventory of materials that were still in the trailer:

Sunday I came in with my faithful sidekick and started working on the floor. The old vinyl had been half removed, so all the old adhesive needed to be removed, and the floor sanded in preperation for a new floor.

As usual, the management is always willing to point out how you could do things better and more efficiently, but rarely will lend a hand in actually doing the work….

And the rear half of the floor prepped for a final sanding and new flooring…..

And after a tough day of supervising, the dog finally gets some long deserved shut eye on the ride home…


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