Natural Selection

Natural GEAR selection that is.Yesterday evening I stopped by another local BMW club member’s house to pick up the next addition to my E34: a Getrag 5-spd. I’m quite fortunate to have found this transmission as I was able to snag a pedal cluster, front & rear cross members, exhaust bracket, some shift linkage parts, and clutch fork, all of which I picked up for a steal. 


I’m glad to have found all of these items together as there are very few things that I still need. One of which is a manual drive shaft, which is slightly longer than the automatic’s. I still need a manual shifter surround & boot, selector, slave cylinder, and naturally a clutch/flywheel combo.  

img_1882medium.jpg img_1885medium.jpg img_1886medium.jpg

I’ll also be on the prowl for an LSD rear end. Right now my E34 has a 4:10 open differential, which I’m hoping to switch out for  a 3:46 Limited slip unit. Though the car is still naturally aspirated this five-speed coupled with different gearing and an LSD should really breath new life into the car when it comes to enjoying those winding back roads. I, as usual, still have a handful of things waiting to be installed on the car. I still haven’t gotten around to finishing my projector headlight units, which together with the fog lights will both carry 6500K HID units. In addition the the lights I picked up a set of E38 750iL side skirts for the car. These skirts will need to be cut, sectioned, and fitted up as they were never meant for E34’s or anything with a shorter wheelbase. My plan is to utilize factory mounting equipment while still making them sit as flush with the body as possible for an OEM look that no other E34 will have. 

Hopefully I can get all of this done before the Spring Car Thing but we will see. I’ll have to dedicate a lot of my after work and weekend time, but it’s all worth it in the end. 


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