Phd Behind the Scenes


To many, PorschePhd is an ellusive icon.  To me too he is an icon, but more in the sense of husband, father, confidant.  So it was easy for me this evening to do a short “get to know you” Q & A.  Here’s what I found out:

What is your earliest Porsche memory?  Riding in the back of my dad’s 924 around 1980.  We pulled up to the skating rink and people asked who’s car is that??  I was the coolest because I could say – mine!

How many Porsches have you had? Twenty: ’67S, ’68 912, ’72T, ’74S, ’76S, ’76 914, ’78 928S, ’83 944, ’87 924S, ’83 911S, ’79 930, ’89 928 S4, ’89 C4, ’97 993TT x 2, ’87 930 Cab, ’72 914, ’83 937, ’01 996TT, ’07 997TT.

Your favorite of the above? And Why? My 997TT.  Because it’s a “hell of a nice car” for all of that horsepower. This car has more technology than my favorite car (the 959) ever had.

How often do you wash your car? LOL! Not enough.  Never enough time.

If you had to choose one modification for a car 1990 and older, what would you chooose? A 1.0 Bar Boost Spring, because it is cheap, easy horsepower.                                                                        

Everyone is dying to know what you favorite snack indulgence is  – Nutter Butters!

Outside of ImagineAuto.com what is your favorite website? Rennlist.

To be continued…


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