Another weekend….of trailers.

Today PorschePhD and I headed to the shop once again to work on the trailer. With the help of a local 3M rep, we started getting the siding hung in place. Interestingly enough, we are not using rivets to hold the siding in place, but rather 3m VHB tape. When applied correctly, tests have shown this tape to withstand Level 5 hurricane conditions without failing. In fact the equipment testing the tape got to it’s limits before the tape did. The bad thing about this tape, is if you accidentally stick a sheet to it when you aren’t ready, well, it takes a lot of guys pushing and pulling the siding to get it loose from a little 4 inch strip of tape.

First we cut our aluminum to length. Then PorschePhD held up a test piece to see how we were going to hang it. Unfortunately, he paused there looking at himself in the mirror for about 5 minutes before we could go back to work. Later he ripped his shirt during a flex-off with his reflection……

Prepping and applying the 3M tape. This required prepping the area with alcohol (rubbing, not drinking), then applying a primer, then the tape, then pressing the tape with a roller. After that was done, then we could apply the siding.

Partial side done….

One side done……with the exception of the side door……

On the bend around the front we did use some rivets to help hold the aluminum in place, as we did not get a strip of tape on the end of the aluminum to hold it in place.

And most of the other side done. After a 12 hour shift we called it a day so Stephen could go home and eat a baby, or….baby cow…..or elephant, I can’t remember exactly, but I know it was a lot of meat.  He loves meat.

Tomorrow will finish off the exterior in regards to the siding. We will still have to hang all the moldings to cover our rough edges, but that should go quickly. The inspector will be present tomorrow to check our work…….


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