Sunday: Trailer day

Today we finished off the exterior siding on the trailer.  Tomorrow I will hang the side door and order the extrusion/moldings.  Then we will start on the interior once we plan out our exterior and interior lighting.

The inspector came by to check out our work.  Immediately she was not pleased to see another inspector already checking out the trailer…..

Making sure we used the proper 3M tape…..

Suggesting we might need a little more polishing compound for this size of a trailer….

Checking structural integrity…..

Since inspecting is labor intensive, a short nap is in order. 

Side door trim mounted.

And the door which I will hang tomorrow….

The front finished off.

Luckily, everyone has their “payoff price.”  Thankfully, this inspector accepts “cookie” bribes. 

Inspector XYZ says this trailer meets DOT specification14012.b version 3c for enclosed 24′ trailers, and is road worthy.


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