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A diamond in a rough. A rebuild of a 993TT


Meet the new project of the family. This is our nameless 97 993TT. She is nameless because every name I come up with Roxanne doesn’t like. After all this is to be her car. We acquired this 993TT with 9K miles on her. Yes, 9K. Sadly enough someone thought they needed the car more and barrowed it. They didn’t take anything that would make them real money, rather they took things they thought might. Anything aluminum was removed or at least what they could tear off to be sold. They ripped bumpers instead of unscrewing them, cut harnesses and tore panels trying to get to the airbag. They took every fuse and relay in the car. We ended up with the motor but that is it. No intake, not exhaust. Nothing but a long block. The original owner and I came to an agreement and I purchased the car complete with a clean title.

In normal fashion I wasted no time coming up with parts. Some here, some there. The list when looked at is very intimidating. I immediately came up with an oil cooler, lines, AC condenser, fan and mounts. We still need to source an upgraded cooler. All in due time.

The motor we also were able to find most of the upper parts from LA Porsche. Thanks to Todd and Sara they will make it possible to complete the motor once and for all. The motor is also far from stock. It is a 3.8 liter with Carrillo rods, flame rings, o-ringed spigots and more. The motor on C16 can make well over 800 HP at the crank. Turbos were originally built and fitted. We will one up these and install GT3076s. They are rather large turbos but K24s with this type of build will be hard pressed to even make 550HP.

She is fitted with Bilstein sport suspension, monoballs, larger sway bars and a hand full of other goodies.

The body escaped most of the damage the interior suffered and various parts. The major damage was to the rear quarters. They chose not to unscrew the rear bumper rather they ripped it off causing slight buckles in the quarter. Not to worry this is a very easy fix and can mostly be PDRed!

I originally had purchased Euro S bumpers and have since acquired a pair of Ruf bumpers. The rear is complete with the center outlet for the exhaust. While some fabrication will be required to make it work Karl and I thought this touch would be nice and well worth the effort.

The wheels were originally SSRs and as you can imagine were never to be seen again. The original wheels were purchased with the car but I am not much about anything original. The first 993TT I had RUF wheels fitted to it. Heavy but stable and a very nice ride I enjoyed them. I transferred these to my 01 996TT then finally sold them off to a friend of ours. Since then he had decided that he wanted to sell them, I was first in line. I purchased them and sent them out to be powder coated artic silver. This should prove to be very durable in comparison to paint.

The interior looks worse than it is. In the box of goodies from LA Porsche there should be the airbag covers and the side quarter panels. The original front and rear seats came with the car since they were removed to install a bar and GT3 seats which ARE gone.

Sadly it was a week of craziness and the bumpers came in on Tues and it was yesterday that I finally opened them up. The box of goodies from Sara and Todd I have yet to unpack!


Fitted with the front S Euro bumper.


This should have gotten the stupid of the year award. Too bad the bag didn’t go off in their face!


They couldn’t get the roll bar out that bolts in to the seat belt holes without doing this!! Idiots.


Bilsteins and Monoballs installed.


Motor as it sits. I had purhased a NA intake and was going to change a few things to make it a TT setup. That has since changed of course.


Classic wheels, in a world of bling, something with class.


Front RUF bumper. Needs some tweaking but we are up to the task!


Damn inspector again. Making sure the bumpers are in fact not like the old ones. She approves!



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