Hard Core

sticking a big one where it clearly doesn’t belong dsc_0049.jpgThere are very few legitimate businesses that would take on the task of cramming a 27-incher into the back of a  twenty-some year old German. I’m not sure how our shop ended up on that list but here we are, faced with that very task. And I must say, contrary to popular belief, she took it like a champ.  dsc_0011.jpgBack on the blog again, it’s our latest EFI conversion 930 Turbo. When the car was brought to us,  the motor was on a pallet, it’s components were in boxes, and with them was a gigantic, 27″ wide intercooler core with custom end tanks. A core this size is even too big for some front-mount applications. Those who know the inside of a turbo tail know that it’s a tight fit, even with a stock intercooler. Keeping the A/C condenser and fan in place was out of the question with this core. dsc_0001.jpgAfter making room for the core we had to find the best position for the intercooler. Because this core was custom built to the owner’s needs it has sensor ports at each end for reading a difference in air temps. Unfortunately they made the turbo side shoot straight down, limiting how far back the intercooler can be positioned. dsc_0013.jpgWith the core mocked up into position I got to work on putting together some rather beefy mounting brackets to weld directly to the end tanks. Using some existing mounting points on the motor and a little bit of triangulation I was able to mount the intercooler as low & rearward as possible. The two rear most mounting points are very rigid, while the forward most utilizes bushings to absorb some vibration and movement. dsc_0027.jpgNow we just need to fabricate some pipes…. 


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