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SCT 2008 Recap…Finally

So we’ve been a little slow in posting pics and some info on the amazing SCT 2008, but after all that fun, we had a lot of work piled up!

Never mind the excuses on to the details!

Saturday’s weather couldn’t have been any better if we had ordered it ourselves.  By day’s end it was near 70 and many of us had sunburned faces.  No complaints though, after too many months of a very long KC winter it was just what the doctor ordered.

Even before the earliest iA’ers had arrived, we had guests waiting to place their cars for the Car Show.  When all contestants were parked there were a total of 88 cars competing for one of 6 trophies handed out later in the day.  That was up 33 cars from last year – we were so stoked that the show had grown so much since last year!

As the day progressed there were hundreds of spectators perusing all of the cars and with so many different makes, models and years, there was something there for everyone.  Ethos Coffee was there all day serving up the hippest cup of joe in town (www.ethoscoffeecar.com) out of their tricked out Scion.  If you haven’t checked out their website I encourage you to see what they are all about.  We are lucky here in KC that they are around the corner and ready to deliver steaming cups of Mexican Mochas or Almond Joy Lattes at a quick phone call! 

Then there was Famous Dave’s who has the best pulled pork sandwich anywhere!  They served beef, pork, sausages and spicy sweet pickles to the masses.  I didn’t hear anything but full mouths telling me, yum!

Inside, Griot’s Garage was doing their thing by demo’ing orbital machines and polishes, and waxes and cleaners on a needy black 911 and a shiny Harley Davidson dyno glide.  Products were flying out the door but we still have a great selection of products if you are interested in picking anything up.  Those new exhaust tips can remain brand spanking new with a touch of Griot’s chrome polish now and again! 

Awards were given out to the following cars:

Sport Compact – 1st: 2007 Nissan 350Z, Richard Frost; Runner Up: 2005 Scion XB, Levi Wickizer

Touring Class – 1st: 1997 Mercedes SL500, Cheryl Burney; Runner Up: 2000 Audi A8L, Mark Wolfgeher

American Muscle – 1st: 1968 Ford Mustang California Special, Paul Stevenson; Runner Up: 1965 Shelby Cobra Factory 5 Racing MK3, Anthony White

Porsche Class – 1st: 914-6, Dennis Carter; Runner Up: 2000 Boxster, Jarrett Rule

Foreign Exotic – 1st: 1991 Ferrari Testarossa, Tom Turner; 2001 Ferrari 360, Jeff Belton

I have attached the photos that I have on my camera.  Unfortunately I am missing so much of the action since I was running around like a crazy chicken while I was there!  I was on kid duty too so you will see a couple of pics of our two munchkins, Jett and Quinn, as well as little Aiden enjoying the day in their Porsche.  More pics will follow once I get the disk from photographer Nate who was actually on the building roof taking pictures from a bird’s eye view!

Thank you so much to those that participated this year and stopped by to enjoy the fun!  We hope next year’s weather will be a repeat of this year and the show continues to grow in size and popularity. 


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