Back from the dead…

Back in November a customer brought us a 930 on it’s last leg. Numerous paint issues, a melted bumper, and an unreliable, poorly built motor were only a few of the problems this car had. Some of you may remember our Creature from the Black Lagoon blog back on Nov. 3 about the engine portion of this rebuild. But the engine wasn’t all we were bringing back from the dead, the whole car was equally close to taking a trip to Porsche heaven.

While the motor was out the car went off to get fresh paint and plenty of body work done. In addition to the paint, fiberglass bumpers were fitted and all the trim was either replaced or repainted black. 

A fresh 12-plug motor and transmission rebuild ready to go back in the car. Powdercoated tins, valve covers, fan, and fan housing really make this engine look much better. A Fabspeed muffler ad wastegate pipe complete the motor before installation. In the engine bay we fitted a custom Electromotive 6-coil ignition system to the firewall before the motor was set up into place.

Up front, a B&B oil cooler will fill the mouth of the new bumper.


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