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I always have to laugh when we see new customer come in and they always state, this is all I am going to do. Famous last words, but they almost always never find a stopping point.

This 08 997TT came to us last fall for our 600HP package. The typical iA mods, ECU, headers, cats, muffler, tips, intake and some iA love.  I actually recall having the customer come back and told me something was terribly wrong with the car, it was lifting the front end so much it felt uncontrollable. Well, nothing was wrong since when you add that much more HP the car is trying to pull the front wheels off! At 1900 miles in total since the car was bought last year I still say he needs to drive it more. Of course my 22K miles means that my car will always be dirty compared to this steed.

Once you add the speed demon in the passenger seat it is time to change the look. For this customer it was simple. A nice TechArt chin spoiler and tail did the trick. Both parts we sold him then painted before the car came in. We don’t generally need to prefit most of the TechArt pieces since they bolt on to factory components and are similar or exact material as the OEM parts. This is the same tail I have on my car, what is nice is it allows the factory tail to remain in place and is still functional as it was with the factory blade on it.  The chin spoiler simply pops right on where the older one left off.

The look is nice, aggressive but subtle and certainly sets you off from the rest of the crowd. Not that we have TTs on every corner here, this is KS not CA. Oh, and no we do not have cows in the street either


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