Adding another PCA racer to the stable….

Today we added another track car to the stable. She needs a little attention, but with some work, this car should be setting podium finishes. A PCA Stock ‘E’ class 944 turbo, 1987. It has not been run in a year, but a quick round of rod bearings and some updated hoses here and there, and we will be hitting the Road America DE event July 14th and 15th with it for some testing and tuning to see what we have. Some items that will be needed include upgraded control arms and a coilover suspension.






Follow along as we get the engine up to par, interior safety equipment up to par, and get the car track ready!


What does a stock class car entail with PCA? For ‘E’ class, we are limited to keeping the engine 100% stock. Changes can be made after the cylinder head (so exhaust changes are free), suspension is free (coilovers are typical), though you must retain the torsion bars in the rear (though rates can be changed), brakes calipers must stay of stock size, but you can run crossdrilled or slotted rotors, and your choice of brake pads. Sway bars are also free, and typically either are M030 968 bars, or weltmeister bars. Camber plates are allowed, but must be pinned in the neutral position. Lexan windows are allowed. Full roll cage is required, as are FIA approved seats, harnesses, fire extinguisher, etc. Interior must stay stock (other than the previously mentioned items), with the exception of the rear hatch carpet which can be removed. Weight with driver must be at least 3050lbs in this class. Any suspension bushings can be replaced with solid aluminum/metal bushings. Transaxle must remain stock.


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