Track Car Continued……

Last week I spent a little time pulling some unneeded items out of the car and removing all the decals.  First decal to be added of course was the Imagine Auto on the windshield, and we are currently having new numbers and decals made for the rest of the car.  For now it will stay pretty basic, as a full repaint in Mexico Blue is scheduled for this winter.



When the car came to us, it was having some idle issues and basic running issues.  I pulled the intake and updated all the vacuum hoses and gaskets, replaced the TPS, cleaned up the throttle body, and put everything back together.  The idle was much better, but there was a nearing stalling issue when coming off throttle.  Since I could hear the ISV was working, the next culprit was the throttle body, which ended up needing some minor adjustment.  On the interior, the sunroof panel was removed to allow for some additional headroom.  This week the waterpump/timing belt and rod bearings will be changed out, as well as going back to a stock air intake box.


Also will be adding a Kirky seat on the drivers side since the original seat was quite small.


Stay tuned…….


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