Swap meets, schmop meets

Getting back on track here with something cool.  Get it, back on track!  LOL.

With Road America closing fast, the pig is coming together.  I came in this weekend and pulled the rod bearings down to replace them.  They actually didn’t look too bad, but it is a maintenance item that you don’t skimp on when tracking a car.  Typically we change rod bearings at the end of every 2nd or 3rd season depending on how many events the car has run.  On a 944 turbo, this is about a 9-10 hour job and requires removal of the crossover pipe and crossmember and little oil dripping in your hair, and bashing your head on the hanging suspension at least a few times.  In other words, it is a lot of fun.

At this point I am going back together.  Notice the crossover pipe and crossmember out of the way.  Note, you can leave the power steering rack connected and just hang it out of the way, and you can also just swing the control arms out of the way on the ball joints (remember I mentioned bashing your head into the hanging suspension at least once?).


Tomorrow I will finish up the timing belt and waterpump job, and fire this car up.  Finish installing the Kirky seat, get some tires mounted, and load it on the trailer.


Crossmember and crossover pipe installed, control arms back mounted in the crossmember.


In my spare time (that’s a joke actually), I have been building a few motors.  One for a customer’s track car, and another as a spare.  With two weeks until the PCA club race at Brainerd, one of these puppies has to be installed and broken in……stay tuned to see if I have lost my hair in a couple of weeks….



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