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Funny Story…

Since I’ve literally grown up around Porsches and live and breathe them now, they are second nature – a part of me.  I sometimes forget about their exotic intrigue.  The awe in people’s eyes when they see the 997TT we drive on a daily basis, often goes unnoticed.  I am by no means belittling the fact that we drive a magnificent machine.  It wasn’t an easy road for us to get to the car we currently drive.  Buy, rebuild, modify, sell; buy, rebuild, modify, sell, and so on until we climbed the Porsche ladder and landed at the 997TT. 

We are in the process of moving and are having our new deck power washed and re-stained.  I had talked by phone to two college kids that we contracted to do the work but had yet to meet them until today.  I stopped by the new house and met one of the guys who had just started the power wash process.  Somehow we got on the topic of what I (we) did for a living.  I always keep it pretty simple and say we service and modify Porsches.  This kid was impressed to say the least and then started in with a story of his own.

He said that there is some guy that lives out our way that drives a yellow twin turbo Porsche.  He has raced a buddy of his who apparently has a supercharged Viper.  (The  Porsche won.)  He also owns a martial arts school.  I calmly say to the kid – I know the guy.  Really?? Is his response.  Oh man, that’s so cool!  I quietly tell him that’s my husband, Stephen, and he owns ImagineAuto and doesn’t own the martial arts school but he is a 2nd Degree Black Belt and a TKD and Gracie Jiu Jitsu instructor.  The kid flips out and starts talking about street racing and horsepower and martial arts and everything else he can spew out before taking a breath.

It wasn’t the conversation itself that left an impression today.  It was the excitement, the mystic, the legacy that is our speed yellow 997TT.  It was the excitement in that young man’s eyes when he told of the mysterious car and guy inside and the the wild fish tale that apparently has grown over time.  That’s ok with us of course.  This kid is the next generation of ImagineAuto customers and we can always use some security in this uncertain world! Be on the lookout for the next spotting of a speed yellow 997TT.  But look fast, it’s going to be passing you!


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