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On the road to recovery….Follow up 993TT.

I think for me since I have built some pretty big HP cars the drive may have always been and continues to be the path which we take to get there. With the 993TT it is not that we have not been here before so to speak but to take something like this and make it new again is exciting.

After my last blog we continued to gather parts. I took a day a couple of weeks ago with my oldest son Jett. These times are special for Jett and I because life for us is so busy. To have just the two of us do nothing but play with a car is very special for him and an image for me to take when I pass this earth someday as a old man. Anyway…we took the day and Jett learned how to remove the glove box and knee pad to install the passenger airbag cover. A little follow up with proper torque specs and Jett had it right on!


Next project, seats. The original seats were sent in from the original owner and we quickly set out to install them. A short day that was as all the block hold downs that slide under the rail to hold the seat in place were borrowed by the idiots who stole the car. A quick PBX order and Jett and I were installing these the next day. This was a lesson for him in leaving everything loose to start with then tightening. All the sudden we have an interior again!

Now it is hard to believe that someone stealing this car would have a need for every fuse and relay in it, but clearly not being the smartest of the living they did. Have you ever tried to replace every single fuse and relay with the proper one in the proper space in a 993?? Oh boy, Jett had to set out for this one. Once in place the car came alive. Dash lights, idiots lights, radio…action. Oh wait…I still need to put the motor in.

Now those who have seen the prior work up on the car know that the rear 1/4s suffered some slight damage. One weekend the guys had a friend come up and hammer/dolly the small imperfections at the mount line out. A little grinding and primer and this car remains filler free! We towed her over to pain and the finish work was completed and the quarters were sprayed. The bumpers that we had fitted in the last blog also got attention and were then finally painted. The only thing we have yet to get back is the lower rocker panels which we had sprayed body color as well instead of the black plastic. I love the way the car looks and the bumpers fit well. In the pictures they are literally just sitting there and not bolted in place. Trust me though the fitment is spot on and I could not be happier.

A quick change of shoes and spacers and the refinished wheels are snug in place!


Next stop…..motor time


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