Schlimschlam of the blimblam

Monday, Monday, Monday. What to blog about on Monday. Well, I don’t have anything in particular, so how about a mishmash of stuff.

First off, Happy Birthday to Mr. PhD (that is what we have to call him around the shop, or you receive lashings). Hard to believe he is 46 years old. I would have thought he would have more gray hair. This is his “Whatch you lookin at Willis!” look.

As you have seen in some previous posts, we are rebuilding the trailer that was “borrowed,” and it is coming along nicely. Some finishing trim work, and epoxy paint for the interior floor is about all that is left. Just in time for race season to be over.

The trailer is going to be hauling some big bad Harley’s to Sturgis this year, so some new mounts in the floor were installed this weekend. Ok, that was a bit of a stretch. Harley’s aren’t really big and bad, they are more like little kittens. Little kittens with 3 legs and no tail. Hmmm maybe that isn’t the bike, but the guys who ride them. See the kind of friends we hang out with? Guys who trailer their damn bikes to Sturgis for the rally……who the hell trailers a bike to Sturgis….get your butt on it and ride up there like a real man! Bikers like Indian Larry is probably turning over in their graves. Its ok though, we won’t give them too much grief about it……yea right 🙂 They will love the 5mpg they get pulling the trailer 1600 miles, HAR HAR!

A beautiful 75k mile 951 came in for some service today. Rare Sunroof Delete! Virtually no options! All I could think about was making a hell of a track car out of it.

Stay tuned, I bet I can come up with some more useful tidbits of knowledge as the day goes by……….


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