997 C2S project continues

Look at the those front fenders and hood….they look heavy don’t they 🙂 That door looks heavy too. Where am I going with this?

If you search through the archives, you will find past posts about the build of Rick Lopes’ 997C2S. The modification list is so extensive that I won’t repeat it here because I don’t have all night to type this (midnight deadline or I have to buy lunch for the guys tomorrow), but the previous posts I have written about this car explain it in detail if you are so interested. If I could sit and build track cars all day long, I would be a very happy man. This is what I live to do. Forget the maintenance, forget the 700hp street cars, to me, the race cars are where it is at. 700hp 997TT or a GT3, I am going to pick the GT3 all day long. Yes, I am still a bit of a turbo snob, but I don’t like weight. Weight is bad when it comes to cars. With the 997TT coming in at like 8000 lbs (ok, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but not really), all that hp is needed to keep up to speed with those little mini coopers on the interstate. I know you guys look forward to my Monday posts, the dim witted humor is hard to beat. ok, back on track (there it is again). Since this car has turned to almost 100% track duty, we are seeing some high oil temps which we think is due to the Vortec supercharger. With track oil temps reaching 260 degrees, we have decided that in order to make sure the longevity of the engine is not compromised, something is going to have to be changed. So like a bunch of little children, ideas start floating around in our heads. One of the possibilities is to pull the kit out of the car, and do some big motor work instead. Currently, our thoughts are possibly punching the motor to a 4.0L, and keeping it naturally aspirated. But the potential motor work is a winter project, not a summer/fall one. We have also been playing with the idea of gutting the interior for weight savings, something that most people would pass out at the thought of. I mean, who pulls apart a perfectly good 3 year old Porsche…..come on people! Actually, we are well versed in how to pull the interior out of a brand new 997.

Anyway, it is in the name of racing! Now since we are talking about losing a bit of hp via the removal of the supercharger, we need to in turn lighten the car significantly to make up for less hp. That is one of my specialties 🙂 First we start pulling carpet, AC, radio, anything not needed, then eventually, maybe things like carbon fiber hoods, fenders, and doors find their way onto the car….they just jump on….yipeeeee. Who knows, anything could happen. A new kevlar rear bumper with a center outlet is currently finding it’s way onto the back of the car, and this means modifying the exhaust system for a center outlet. What is this going to entail? Getting rid of the mufflers for starters. Then we will run out the center outlet straight off the Fabspeed sport cats. We are also using a stronger rear support which provides additional side protection in case of contact.

Kevlar bumper and support bar (front shown)

Rear bumper cover off….looking at the guts…

Guts removed…..

Rear support bar attached. Notice how it wraps around the mufflers for side protection.

Well, stay tuned as we figure out exactly which way we are going to head with this project. I am sure there will be another follow up thread soon! And, I’m out…….

Ok, so the rear bumper is on!  Fitment was good once the mufflers and heat shielding was removed.  Tow hook needed to be moved which isn’t a big deal and is the only thing left to finish on the bumper…..Next up, figure out the custom center outlets for the exhaust….


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