A “Rock” and a oil pan

    Recently our machinist ran it to some problems with his oil pan and lets say it was a “rock”, this lead to about five quarts of oil gushing every were.  So I decided that I would help him put in a new pan cant be that hard it is just a little Chevy blazer!!!!   Oh man was I wrong this job involved removing the entire front steering and drive axle assembly’s.  Six hours of grease and diff fluid and the pan was replaced.  Here are a few pic’s of the process. Notice the “Rock” hole in the sump of the pan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a few hours of pryingand some busted knuckles I was able to let him remove the pan clean the mating surfaces and prep the new pan for install.  This gave me some time with chrome polish,  My bike has been neglected for a while

at the end of the day I had a clean and sparkling bike and he had a very expensive oil change


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