Cayenne Twin Turbo Exhaust Upgrades

Walk into Imagine Auto on any given day, and you might run into one of the smaller employees of IA. Meet Paxton the puggle, 10lbs 4oz of pure fighting furry (just look what he did to that baseball, that was genuine cowhide leather). What’s that you say puggle? “If you don’t upgrade the exhaust on your Cayenne, you’re a punk.” Woooooahhhh, that’s a little harsh puggle, but I couldn’t agree more (actually, don’t hold it against the puggle, after all, you’d be upset if you were half Pug, half Beagle as well). When Porsche came out with the 4 door SUV, the purists turned their heads. They continued to turn their heads as every soccer mom around had to have one to tote the kids here and there. What would happen over the next couple of years as sales of the Cayenne went through the roof, is Porsche would become classified as a large vehicle manufacturer and have to obey stricter emissions regulations that they didn’t have to meet previously as a small automobile manufacturer. Eventually even the purists realized that the Cayenne was actually a really great SUV, and more Cayennes were sold. So, what does this all mean? Well, from the factory, the quite exhaust from the v6, v8, or v8 twin turbo engines are quite docile. After all, you want to be able to hear the kids screaming in the back as they are smearing their McDonald’s ice cream cones all over your leather seats…….ok, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to drown out the screams of Timmy and Bobby hitting each other and then complaining to the front seat! We have the answer for you! A full stainless steel muffler and secondary cat bypass pipe conversion! Not only will you drown out the noise from the backseats, you will separate yourself from the gazillion other docile Cayennes out on the road. The full exhaust will not only free up precious horsepower needed to propel the big pig off the line quickly, but will also add that deep throated growl that should have come standard when you bought the car. The nice thing about this exhaust, is that it is quite quiet when you are keeping your foot out of it. Running around town there is a nice deep growl, but not overbearing. Stick your foot down on the throttle hard, and the growl turns into an incredibly sounding deep roar! For instance, on our twin turbo project here, the exhaust is going to free up roughly 38hp and 30ft/lbs of torque, and save over 60lbs of weight from the monster stock exhaust! What does that mean? Well, just imagine the look on a new mustang GT owner’s face as you pull him off the line and leave him in the dust. I always tell Stephen….at least let the poor guy get the new car licensed before you ruin their day (he has a tendency to pick on guys that still have their 30 day temp tags from the dealer).

Enough rambling……

The patient. A nice twin turbo V8 Cayenne…..mmmmmm beefy (in more ways than one). Look at the size of that stock muffler. It is like a giant udder hanging there. That has to go.

Secondary catalytic converters……2 foot pieces of horse power robbing chunks of platinum, rhodium, and steel. Might as well get them off of there, as currently the car thieves are crawling under your vehicles and cutting off the cats to sell for scrap (you can get up to $100 per cat at the scrap yard due to the platinum in them). Now that you have been updated on your local criminal activities……onward. At least you can take your old exhaust to the scrap yard yourself and have a few hundred bucks to take your wife out on a date so you can tell her you just spent money modifying the SUV. I would advise a few bottles of wine before letting the cat out of the bag.

Muffler out of the beast. Crickey, look at the size of that thing’s head!

Look at the size difference of the old hunk of steel and the beautiful new mufflers!

Old secondary cats…..bye bye

Mmmmm bypass pipes…..

With this exhaust, you can retain the stock exhaust tips, or upgrade them to a nice quad tip outlet. We are keeping the stock tips for this project, as the owner prefers the vehicle as a sleeper so he can pick on those American sports cars out on the road.

So now when the kids start screaming in the back seat, just lay into the throttle. Not only will the sound drown them out, the whiplash will startle them enough to quiet them down…..that is until you hear…. “Do it again! Do it again!”

Stay tuned tomorrow as I finish this bad boy up.


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