Porsche Style

Depends on the individual without a doubt, but I would say most of us are at least conscious of making a concerted effort to look good.  Obviously driving the cars you drive, i.e., Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, etc., you’ve at least thought about your appearance.  I always seem to preface my blogs with the fact that I’m the only female blogging and while I know enough to be dangerous in the world of Porsche technicality, my interests lie in more frivolous Porsche topics.

Which is how I came across some interesting new Porsche fashion statements tonight.  Available for the 2008-2009 season is the Porsche Cayenne jacket for her.  Crisp, white, sleek and oh so stylish, just like the Cayenne you’ll be driving the kids to football practice in. 

Also available is a whole line of Adidas-made Porsche brand shoes for men.  This line of nearly a dozen different Porsche-inspired sneakers was designed with sleek lines, luxurious materials, state of the art technology and classic style. 

The shoes are styled for casual wear, athletic wear, or actual Porsche driving.  Shoes can be found on zappos.com


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