Fork lift (update)

I recently posted about the fork lift project at IA.  Well it is finally finished, new ring gear for the starter, timing belt and water pump belt.  All this work required the removal of a very dirty and neglected motor.  I was hoping to be able to add some power via forced induction,  since it is a 1.9 diesel out of a VW, the cars with this motor came with a turbo,  but that was only a dream.   So I couldn’t leave this thing stock that just wouldn’t be right so I advanced the fuel pump a few degrees to add some more fuel,  we also found the throttle system was restricted down to about a quarter throttle,  after a few adjustments on the throttle linkage this baby will move ( as long as u dont mind shaking out all of your teeth it dose have solid tires).  We also added a little style to the beast with a enhanced by IA sticker.

I will post so new pics of this beast in action later


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