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993TT Exhaust system, the rebuild continues

As we continue to move forward and bring the 993TT to its original glory and then some the parts keep coming in. While I will probably have to chance the configuration a little bit to accommodate the center outlet of the rear bumper. The design of the new Fabspeed system is phenomenal. What is most interesting is there are at least 6 configurations you can run with the full system because it is modular. If you look at the pictures and you are familiar with the TT exhaust you will notice that the position that the cats sit are detachable. This is so you can now run cat bypasses on the days you feel sassy. On the days you are in your Green mood you can place a set of  HJC high flow racing cats in. It is quick once the system is on the car, unboltt the v-band and remove and put the bypass or the cat in and you are ready! In order to get the air to the cats the velocity is picked up by changing the heads from a flat merge design to a triangular merge. This increase velocity of the exhaust gases as it is spun through the collector. This causes an increase in TQ but also lower spool times since the air is moving quicker to the turbo. Still equipped with heat the headers will continue to provide as factory unit did but with more HP and TQ. You also can not deny they look damn good too!

On my old 993TT (rest in peace) I went through several mufflers. My thought always was why not make something small. There is no reason to have these huge cans on the car. Well look at these!! Straight through cans that are tiny yet effective from making every neighbor mad within a 2 mile radius. Oh, believe me if they are sitting on the deck having some vino they will hear you coming down the street, but inside they will never know you have made it home. As far as the experience for the driver, well if you have a 993TTyou will just have to find out yourself =) These like the rest of the system are totally modular and can be fitted with a bypass all together if you wish. Alignment of the oval tips (another signature piece from Fabspeed) is not going to be an issue as they are fitted with several v-band connections to allow movement in any direction.


My old TT



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