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Watercoolers, watercoolers

You guys followed my post about the 997C2S bumper and exhaust changes from a few weeks ago, well, we made some progress last week, and are close to completion. The carbon kevlar bumper and synergy race bar fit very well (with the exception of the tow hook being welded too low).

So with the bumper in place, Collin got started cutting and welding the center outlet exhaust in place. We are running headers, sport cats, and then straight out the bumper, so we had to custom design a muffler bypass with center outlet coming straight off the cats. I think it came out excellent, and we have a car that truly sounds like a Porsche Cup Car. Custom powdercoated tips match the flat black wheels to give the rear end a sinister look. The bumper was sent off to paint, so hopefully the completed project will shop up on next Monday’s blog!


Saturday I took some time to work on my 951 track car. It is currently undergoing a suspension make over since I haven’t been overly thrilled with the body lean going through some corners, and the stock control arms just weren’t up to the task of being on the track. I pulled off the 968 M030 stuff and quickly sold those, which was replaced by Weltmeister 28mm front and 22mm rear fully adjustable sway bars. The M030 stuff is good, but for what the car is being put through on the track, they left a lot to be desired. Billet Charlie Control arms are being swapped in to handle the stress of a lowered car under extreme cornering. Stronger 87 spindles (enlarged to accept a 19mm ball joint) and hubs are going to support 928S4 brake calipers up front, and camber plates will be used to get the required camber due to using later offset hubs with early offset control arms. 450lb springs will be retained up front.

In the rear I am running Koni coilovers, Racer’s edge lower shock mounts, solid bushings, deleting the torsion bars, and going to a 600lb spring.

Since it was a project I wanted to just take my time and tinker with, the car went up on stands at home. After crawling around on my back for a few days, I remembered that working like a peasant sucks (and the fact that I keep about 2 tools at my house….a hammer and a cresent wrench). Once the car is back to rolling status I will be hauling it to the shop to do the torsion bar removal and solid bushing installation.

Front control arms are on, calipers hooked up, spindles and hubs are hooked up. Should have it back on the ground in the next night or two.  To my surprise, a 5/33 bias valve had already been installed in the car, which may have been part of my high speed braking issues with the stock calipers.  The addition of the larger calipers in front will now match the rear bias as it should with the 5/33 valve.

Rear shocks and sway is on, I have left off the springs until I remove the torsion bars.

Should be back together, aligned, and ready to run the next DE down at Hallet in October.


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