Porsche struggling in ALMS?

This season Porsche has had a few ups and downs. At the beginning of the season Porsche machines took 1st & 2nd place at Sebring, starting off the season very strong. However the following race in Saint Pertersburg, the quickest Porsche only made second, and a mere 4th place at Long Beach. The Porsche drivers seemed to be slipping further and further down in the results.

A turn around was in order, and the Porsche cars took the front of the pack with force. On May 18th Porsche machines again made it to the podium, snagging 1st and 2nd place in Utah. Unfortunately they couldn’t snag a win and settled into 2nd & 3rd for the Northeastern Grand Prix. Weeks later Porsche machine were only good for 3rd place at Mid-Ohio. At Road America last saturday the two Penske machines and the Dyson Racing machines were stacked up in 4th, 5th, and 6th positions at the end of the race. With a little bit of luck we’ll see at least one of the Porsche Teams bounce back for another win at Mosport Raceway on the 24th.


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