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5speed 101

We had a chance this week to tear in to a 911 5 five speed trans with some issues going in to gear and clutch problems.  After removing the engine and trans we found the friction surface of the clutch was wore down to the rivets we also noticed that the trans had been tore in to before(due to the large amounts of black RTV silicon oozing from the case) also no matter how hard u pushed u could not access first gear,  a problem unless you want to just throw money at clutch jobs every few weeks.  We tore the Trans apart and found even more RTV on the inside of the trans even on some shift forks.  With a quick count of parts that were missing or wore out (see pics bellow) we started the rebuild.

with almost ever tooth missing or just wore out of first gear sycro set along wth a broke inner hub and wore out outter hub we had to replace every other sycro set due to the metal that had been flying around the inside of the trans.

after a tear down and rebiuld of the input shaft and output shaft it was just a matter of setting them back in the housings and sealing it back up.  wait there was still the LARGE amount of silicon on the mating surfaces of the case and the shift forks and the inside and out side of the case.  (FYI they do make gaskets for trans and a thin line of Loctite 574 that is all you need to seal the trans, not RTV)

So back with the rebuild we finished the cleaning and assembly the trans this included installing a thin washer to keep the fifth and reverse from smacking in to the nose of the case, this small piece was left out by the last person that was inside the trans.  we reinstalled the Tran back to the motor and a new clutch pressure plate and turned flywheel and this old 911 shifts in and out of all Five gears and reverse ( this is much better then the last time some one was inside the trans). 

rebuilding a trans is not rocket science it just take a little common sense and some attention to details, that and knowing how they work helps out a bit.  And with any time u use a selant of any type if after u put the part togther if it is oozing on the outside the same amount is going to be oozing on the inside,


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