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89 930 EFI Conversion returns

I hate to see any car we have built get into the hands of people that do not fully understand or appreciate the workings of a converted CIS to EFI turbo Porsche. This car was based on a 89 930, we quickly stripped the motor out of it and converted it to a 3.4 twinplug, Custom cams, large valves, headers, HF2 turbo and full Autronic SMC EFI system. We set the ignition up with M&W components, custom built the inlets off of the 3,2 NA intake fitted to increasedd TQ. The car originally laid apx 540 RWHP on our dyno.



After changing owners twice since I built it the newest owner who is a previous customer (we built his 79 930) showed up with it at our door. I had spent many hours with the shop in his home town trying to fix the issue. The issue was on going and kept the car from idling or running correct. Getting stuck in the middle of the intersection with a Porsche is never any fun. People will go out of their way to honk I swear.

We have a way we can read the computers and it was giving me several errors. All related to the cam and crank sensors. So I replaced the crank sensor and current plug system. We then upgraded the hall sensor to a much stouter version. This required the oil pump housing to be modified and fitted with the new sensor. Some more rewiring and the sensors were in. Additionally we rewelded the inlet pipe which was damaged when the car hit boost and pulled the line off, we also rewelded a bracket to the intake to ensure the originally integrity was there.

An oil change, valve adjustment and AC recharge and the car headed back to St Louis with a very happy owner. Nothing like a 830 cab that will walk sideways through 80 MPH!!


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