Mishmash Monday

With the rug rats back in school, we can get down to some serious business now. Saturday we had a kids day and swap meet here at the shop that we a lot of fun. Lots of people stopped by to pawn their space taking spare parts off on someone else, and the kids had bike races, remote control carts, a giant inflatable bouncy thingy…..anyways, I am sure someone will blog about that this week.

Sunday I came in and finished my 997C2S project so the owner could come get it in the afternoon. With a day of cure time on the paint, I slapped it in place that morning.

Sunday of all days, you would think you would be safe from Shop Supervisor Tia, but wouldn’t you know, she was there to inspect the work.

Giving the car the final walk around……

After 10 minutes of being certain there was an invisible rabbit hiding under the car, the shop supervisor decides the work meets spec, and is ready to go.

Some final shots……

It was a glorious sound as Rick roared down the street from the shop…..then down the frontage road….and I think I heard him getting on to the interstate about a mile away as well…….

Thursday we will be heading down to Hallett Raceway in Oklahoma for the BMW DE, so we will be able to see what this thing sounds like at full throttle on the race track!


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