KC Air Show August 23-24

It’s that time of the year again. It’s time to put the tax payer’s money to work and waste gas in the most exhilarating way possible. This weekend the downtown KC airport will be  overtaken by F-15s, Hornets, Thunderbirds, and more. Afterburners will be at full blast and there will be plenty of high-G maneuvers. An array of static aircraft will be on display on the ground as well as a healthy list of performances in the air:

“Red Star” L-29

Jet powered glider “Silent Wing”

Heavily modified Pitt Special

“Extra-300S” aerobatics

“Angel 7” L-39 high speed demo

Jet powered School Bus (?)

F-15 Strike Eagle tactical demo

P-51 Mustang demo

British Strikemaster

F-16 Thunderbirds demo team

F/A-18 high speed tactical demo

F-4U Corsair demo

The line up is much better than last year. Of course we may be in store for a few unexpected guest like last year. We were waiting for the F-15 to take off last year when a pair of AV-8 Harriers came in fast and low, demonstrated some speedy maneuvers, and then finished by doing some hovering tricks. So you never know what’s in store


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