oldskool road trip part 2

Today a small group of friends of mine and me took a road trip down to Pittsburg Kansas for the H.A.M.B. drag’s.  The morning started off raining and clouds that looked like it would be a horrible day to take a two and a half hour road trip in a 1927 ford model T roadster.  No top open wheels and a ford flat head V8.  The H.A.M.B. drag is a time for some old nostalgic dragsters,  they also have open time trials so you could run ur old hot rod down the quarter mile surrounded by corn fields.  There were a lot of cars to look at vendors and a impressive amount of High boy dragsters. While most of these cars were rather slow compared to most of the cars we work on here at the shop there were a few that were in the 150mph club running about 9sec ETA’s. 

 there was a very nice 60’s F100 unibody with a 427 checy powerplant that he had cramed two massive turbo’s in and he drove it in this was no trailer queen!!!!!

These races are held every year at the MO-KAN Dragway just out side of Pittsburg Kansas so if you enjoy looking at some old skool dragsters head down next year.  Also next weekend t the Kansas Speedway the Goodguys car show is in town some of the best cars from the midwest will be there. 

Here are some pics of the race and with all the fun I forgot to get pics of the 27 Roadster I will get some and update later otherwise the guy that owns the car might get a little upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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