BMW Hallett DE

The Kansas City region BMW club (in conjunction with the Sunbelt club) put on a DE event down at Hallett Raceway in Oklahoma this weekend, so we migrated down in a group to support their club, and get ready for the PCA club race down there in October. The funny thing was, there were more Porsche’s than there were BMW’s, but I think everyone had a great time. There were actually cars of all sorts out…..3,5 series BMW’s (and older), Audi’s of various shapes and sizes, mustangs, camaros, GTI’s, and of course a large mix of Porsches. While the track could really use a resurfacing, it is a lot of fun. Unlike most racetracks where turns are on camber and sloped into the turn, most of the turns at Hallett are off camber, which takes some getting use to. If you have never been, Hallett is definitely worth the trip. You can find it about 30 minutes west of Tulsa.

The pumpkin between run sessions:

Since my 951 is undergoing some changes, my ride for the weekend was the #121 car I maintain. The extra weight and less horsepower took some getting use to, but the Moton suspension really keeps the car planted and made for some fast laps. With Hallett being a rough surface, we dialed down the suspension a little, which kept the car from hopping through the rough turns.

A Gayman in action

A BMW going through turn 1 (My second favorite turn)

Looking back down the front straight towards the tower.

A couple of IA cars chasing down a Mustang coming out of my favorite turn “The Bitch”


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