High Style through Eye Style

Sunglasses define your personality on first glance.  Take a few of the options available through Porsche:

These Porsche Carrera sunglasses were worn by Yoko Ono on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in the early 1980s.  Huge on style, sporty and not for the shy personality:


1980s version Hollywood glam Porsche sunglasses.  Very chic…

Porsche Carrera aviators.  Retro charm, current style – the whole package:

For the more subtle female Porsche driving fan, this style designed by Professor F.A. Porsche himself may be more you:

And then there is always the updated but classic aviator style Porsche sunglasses.  These are made from titanium and contain no lens screws to loosen up as you wear them:

Porsche sunglass styles can be found by the dozens.  These are just a sampling of a few unique and classic statements.  Whether it’s Porsche automobiles or Porsche fashion, you know you are getting top of the line materials, craftsmenship and cutting edge style.  Happy shopping!



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