Labor Day Weekend

I guess I was wrong to assume that Labor Day was a holiday……I was informed by my wife, that Labor Day actually means not only a day to labor, but a weekend to labor.  This struck me as odd, as most days seem like that, so I tackled a project I have been meaning to start for some time……the garage.  Normally my garage is a fairly clean 2 car garage that actually….yes…houses 2 vehicles every night.  One thing I can’t stand to see is a garage with boxes of crap piled to the ceiling…..after all, that is what a sub basement is for 🙂  With my 951 undergoing some suspension changes over the last few months, it has either been shoved far in the corner, or at the shop, which has allowed my lazy butt to start piling boxes, tires, parts, etc in it’s place.  Well, my plan is to bring it home this week, so the garage needed some attention.  With all the spare car parts, lawn fertilizers/chemicals, cleaning supplies, etc piling up on open shelves and the floor, I decided to venture to Lowes where I purchased a bunch of their basic white storage cabinets, so things could be hidden behind closed doors and out of sight.  Since I am not real big on everything being white, I decided to paint the body of the cabinets red, and the front doors a nice granite grey.  So a quick easy project of assembling and hanging cabinets, turned into a lot of watching paint dry.  I will be epoxy painting the garage floor this fall with a grey colored epoxy, so I thought this color combination would look nice.  You also wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a can of grey spray paint that isn’t primer…..go figure.

Cover your eyes, it is a mess as construction is half way completed.  So far I have hung a cabinet for all the lawn chemicals/cleaners/etc, which use to be all out on an open 2×4 shelf.  Then I hung 2 of the front cabinets for motor oils, car cleaning products, etc, which well, use to be in boxes along the walls.  I still have 1 of the same sized cabinets to hang up front, which will surround the toolbox eventually.   What I did find out though, is that builder grade anything is bound to be crooked.  I hung the first cabinet dead level, took a step back, and realized that my entire garage is built, well….crooked.  Go figure.  At least things won’t fall out of the cabinets.

The cabinet doors are obviously not on yet, as the final coat of paint is still drying on them.  They will be mounted in place sometime this week.  This cabinet is mounted on the same wall that my wife’s driver’s door opens on, so it is mounted higher than normal, which keeps it out of the way when getting out of the vehicle……and since it is filled with the lawn items, it keeps those chemicals out of the reach of any little ones that might stop by.

A few of the front cabinets mounted in place.

The final coat of paint drying on the doors…..

With at least one track event left this year, at least a few of the hoosiers stacking in piles will be used up.  The other ones will be stored in the sub basement over the winter, along with all the spare Porsche parts, which get categorized and stored, or sold.  My plan is to add a free standing 6 foot cabinet where the left tire stack is (which will house the jack stands, various bags of fertilizer, salt, etc), and a set of lower cabinets with a short counter top will reside where the table saw currently is.  Another cabinet in the corner where the torque tube is standing, and the toolbox in between everything where the Porsche flag hangs.

Stay tuned as the garage continues it’s transformation


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