It was a good day…I mean really good

Friday the 29th of august was a begining of a great weekend so I started off the day by welding up the exhaust for the shop truck that we have. Its a 1991 toyota truck that litteraly ran head on into a tree. Its in good condition…except for the exhaust, so here are a couple pictures of the welding that took place.


looks like fun yeah?….well heres what else we like to consider “fun” at the shop.

 Lets take out the mini bike for a spin and see what we can do.


Collin bustin out the back end…

I dont think this is how you are suppost to sit on this thing, im not really sure tho because either way it was a blast

So check it out- we work hard, therfore we play hard…ill have more pictures of us having a good time, AKA playing some paintball. If you guys ever wanna get down on the fun and excitment you know how to get at me. Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I appologize for the lack of captioning on the pictures, but as you can see the pictures speak for themself.

almost forgot…kids dont try this at home


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