A little wiring help

I know that some of you have the courage to tackle some minor wiring repairs , or even have installed new stereo’s or a new set of gauges. what ever you are doing wiring can seem complicated but in is a basic once you understand it and know how to diagnose or modify your wiring.  Electricity can be easily understood once you know Ohm’s Law,  this is just a small little circle that will help diagnose any wiring repair.

I know that this might seem a little complicated,  What dose algebra have to do with my car stereo or the sweat new oil pressure gauge i just installed.  If it was installed right then u don’t need to worry about Ohm’s law.  But i have been under a lot of dashes and seen some pretty nasty things.  I have seen wires twisted together and electrical tape holding them from untwisting, scotch locks, wire nuts.  most of these techniques will work if you are wiring in a new light fixture in ur house but not on a high end sports car,  Wire nuts and just twisting wires don’t hold togetherer if they are bounced giggled or stretched, like driving your 930 down the highway. 

Pictured are wire nuts (for home use should never be on a car) and a quick splice some people call the scotch locks, (not for home use or auto to be quite honest I don’t know what u would use them for).

The best way to properly repair(with out removing the harness and replacing the entire wire), add on or modify your cars wiring system is to use Automotive butt connectors (cover them in heat shrink if they are gonna be exposed to the elements) or to use solder and heat shrink.  Never use a Quick splice they actually harm the wire u are trying to connect to by cutting the insulation and slowly breaking the tine copper wires that they are rubbing against.  Also if you have a 996 or 997 your car has a lot of fiber optic cables runnin through it,  do not try to do any thing to your wiring u cut on of thouse fiber line you just got a huge bill to replace the eniter harness.


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