KCDA Meet (and a little Forza?)

Last saturday night we had a little get together out in Olathe. Basically a bunch of us from the Kansas City Drift Association thought it was time to get together, check out some cars, and give everybody a chance to meet each other. We had a pretty good turn out with plenty of cool drift cars. Lots of 240’s but there were a few RX-7’s, euro cars, and even an Evo. The original plan was to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings but that was quickly shot down due the amount of people we had. So we relocated across the parking lot at China Star and put about ten tables together to have us some dinner.

After dinner a few people went their separate ways, but the lot of us went back to watch some drifting videos, talk cars, and get down with some Forza drifting. Here’s a few of my choice drift cars from the game:

What’s this? A 951 drifting at Road America?

…and with proper decals

Old-school Bimmer slide at the ring

Who knew GT40’s were such good drift cars?


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