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Another IA engine build

Just a quick warning you might find the pictures below disturbing, I know everyone at the shop did.  So this engine was rebuilt by us just about 4000 miles ago and some how they managed to punch a hole in the front mounted oil cooler spilling out about every ounce of oil,  after we drained the tank and sump we got about six ounces out.  Despite the oil level gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil temp gauge, and dummy light once the engine no longer has oil pressure all reading nothing and the light shining ,  they continued to keep driving and from the damage that was done this was not a slow speed Sunday Cruise this had to be caused by high RPM’s HIGH boost and VERY high speed. 

after a full day of trying to disassemble of the upper half of the motor which is not very easy with the engine locked solid!! We then had to figure how to spit the case halves,  very difficult with a lock motor cause if you cant rotate the engine over you cant get the wrist pins off to remove the pistions we found that once the rod end broke it continued flying around in side the case and dammanged both halves of the case and the cylinder.  it also spun every rod bearing and made the main journals in the case eggshaped.  with metal every were in this case and oversize and egg shaped main journals the case will soon become a table in the shop or a very big paper weight! 






After every thing was cleaned inspected and measured we ended up with a lot of scrap metal and very few usable parts, I think the heads are about the only thing that was not damaged.  stick around for the Start of the Build and we do have more pics i can put up it just makes we sick to look at this much damage.


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