Time for another story

Hi I’m Quinn or porschephds youngest son call me either I don’t care. So last time my dad posted about me was when I was  5 or 6, well now I’m twelve and in 7th grade where my brothers real life began. When my dad and mom moved I moved to a new school, I was in 3rd grade I made friends not real friends but friends for that moment in time. Well I was in 4 the then 5th grade when 6th grade came along there was a girl I liked she never liked me back. So sooner or later I gave up, I made good friends that year. One in particular was better than all the others. They just seemed to understand everything I do and what I like. I didn’t really focus on friends so I focused on school and I had a’s and b’s.

Then came 7th grade (this year) I made new friends but I had my circle of main friends ones that I talk to every day. I really started to get into music and I’ve always played video games. I started to love them I wanted all the new ones and old ones. I eventually made lots of other friends one that I have never met in person. My dad (porschephd) started letting me write on this blog to type anything really, how we feel, popular stuff, etc. but I plan to post every week with a story or big news thanks for reading see you later.


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