Still not dead.

So it’s Jett. A lot has happened in the past year, main being I got a car! And shortly after my second. Already following my dad’s footsteps right?

So for my sixteenth and as most privileged kids do, I got a car. It was a 2006 2.0T Passat, that’d be loved on previously by some guy trying to get his wife over from Africa. As most of you if anyone actually will see this knows that we’re a German family when it comes to cars, so a Volkswagen fits in quite nice.  It was a solid car, but it started to get boring to drive after a while, mainly because it was an automatic. So I got talking to my dad, and we agreed if I found a buyer for the Passat and found another car in the with the money it sold for he’d set it up for me. So he ended up finding a bright yellow 2003 twentieth anniversary edition  GTI. The Passat was sold, and turned around and bought the GTI. The GTI doesn’t make any more power then a regular 2003 GTI but it has a six-speed manual, and the color was a one off for the twentieth’s. Also fun is the fact we’re not sure the clutch has been replaced in the last 100k miles. So kudos to the previous owner, but it kinda feels like sitting on a time bomb. I’ve got pictures of cars and things I’ll post later, but for now enjoy this little update.


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