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Jan 27th…A different turbo….Carrera?

In 1974 Porsche had undergone many changes to comply with emissions and continue their quest for better technology and faster cars. The 1974 Carrera was introduced along side the 911S with the same power plant but supported Carrera flares which were later put on all production 911’s starting in 1978. The car also received the well known duck tail, Carrera script down the side and 7 and 8 inch fuchs.  All these options were not found on the normal 911 nor the S. The limited production Carrera was no longer available after 1975 during this generation of 911.  

I had received a phone call from a customer who had explained that he had a 74 European racing orange Carrera. It had been fitted with a nice 3.2 race motor and had spent a lot of time on the track but simply wasn’t enough for even the most mild of cars being build today. When asked what his options were I answered with my normal retort….stick a turbo on it. That is exactly what we did. We sourced a 3.0 motor that had been mildly massaged and added headers, SC cams, custom oil sump plate, SS muffler, port work, HPX digital ignition, K27 7200 and a 1 bar spring. Because the original duck talk would not accommodate the space of the intercooler we had to also add a 930 tail.

Since this car spent a better part of its life on the track one should understand the car weighs about 2200 lbs with driver and gas. The motor made a modest 430HP which gives you a power to weight ratio of 5.8 that means for every 5.8 lbs you have 1 HP. My 997TT for comparison is around 6.5-7(stock). Mated to a very short ratio 5 speed tranny this car would easily find a 11-12 quarter time on its worst day and chase down a stock TT down the straight of Road America!

This car still trolls KC and Wichita so if you think your car is fast, give it a shot….Admission is free!







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January 10th: 1986 944 Turbo

back to our regularly scheduled program:

Up next is a 1986 944 Turbo PCA F Class Club Racer (Soon to be E class due to class changes).  This one of those stories of a woman having a car stuck away in the back of her barn because her husband had passed away 5 years before, and so the car sat in the barn collecting dust.  By chance the new owner found out about the car and we went to see if it were real or not.  Well it was real, and for a song, we loaded up the car on a trailer to resurrect it back to it’s former PCA club racing days.  After a few weeks of getting the car back up to par in terms  of maintenance, it headed to the track.  After running many various DE events last year in the midwest, this car will be ready to run its first PCA club race this year with it’s new owner.

What is a stock class 944 Turbo? The idea of stock class  is to keep most of your modifications  to a minimum.  For instance, you are not allowed to alter the engine or turbo in anyway, but intake and exhaust/headers are free to be changed.  Suspension and wheels are free to change, but body panels, interior panels (dash, trim, etc) must stay as from the factory.  You must retain things like AC, stock brakes, etc.  In the interior you must run an approved rollcage, and approved racing seats, harnesses, window nets, etc.  There is a specific weight the car and driver must be over, so this keeps from stripping the cars like a full  blown race car would be.

This car runs  Bilstein Cup coilover, Fabcar control arms, and weltmeister front and rear sway bars.

At the track checking weight:

If you  are out attending DE’s and Club Races with the PCA this year in the midwest, you will probably see us out there.  Stop by and say hi!

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ImagineAuto Black Friday Blog Sale

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Just another Grey Car….on the track

Another full weekend at the track here in Kansas.  This past weekend was the PCA DE event at Heartland Park Topeka, and what a beautiful weekend to spend running around the track.

I had made an earlier post about Rick Lopes’ 997 that we have done extensive work on, and to prove that this car isn’t just a garage queen, here are some pictures of him running around the track.  He was beating up on a 997GT3, 997TT, and a supercharged Corvette with ease.  With this being the first time at the track with the new suspension, I am sure there is much room for driver improvement as Rick gets comfortable with what the car can now do, but for the first time out, the car ran great!

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IA Tops Buffalo Run 2007

dsc01190.JPGAs Collin mentioned below, the weather was anything but kind to the participants of the Buffalo Run this year.  BUT, it was an awesome time nonetheless.

Festivities began Friday evening at the Kansas City Plaza’s popular VIP club, Blonde.  Hot music played, participants and their guests visited with each other, drinks were poured and painted ladies (yes I said painted ladies) made the rounds as the German, Italian and US flags.  Anthem Media’s own Brian Weaver gave a warm shout out to all of the sponsors including yours truly, ImagineAuto.  The evening was not without its drama as shortly after the start of the party a young driver on the Plaza plowed into the back of a brand new – still dealer-tagged Porsche 911 that had been parked in front of the club.  The car was thrown on the curb and landed at the base of a tree with the young girl’s car flipped upside down in the middle of the street.  As far as we heard, no major injuries to the people, but the cars were a mangled mess.  Click here to visit the Blonde KC website and view pictures of the evening inside the club.  Choose Party Pics and then “KC Magazine’s Buffalo Run Party” link.  Then click here, to visit Shot Bee where you can view pictures of all of the Buffalo Run events including the upside down car!  Use the term “KC Rally” to view and/or purchase pictures.

Friday evening ended early as we were up at the crack of dawn for the Saturday concours.  Five ImagineAuto cars and three House of Boost cars met at the shop at 7:00 a.m to caravan to the Plaza.  The rain which had begun at about 2:00 a.m. was showering down very hard.  Jeremy and Collin who were driving our 1987 911 Cab were dangerously close to calling it quits when the windows wouldn’t clear and the tires were having trouble sticking to the pavement.  Thankfully they persevered and we made it across town to the concours. 

At 11:15, 3 1/2 hours after we arrived on the Plaza and 8 inches of rain later, we were soaked, cold and chomping at the bit to get the cars out on the road and down to the Kansas Speedway for the first leg of the rally.  Ironically, Stephen and I, Jeremy and Collin and Stephen and Donna all received the instructions for the Kansas side of the rally first.  We were sent out in intervals and were therefore not next to each other as we left the Speedway.  That was fine because Stephen and I are old pros when it comes to rallying.  Working quite well together we were stoked to get on the route.  Despite the rain we did very well.  Just like the tales from last year, we were met with rally cars driving with us, against us, around us, etc. as each rally led drivers in different directions.  We met up with Jeremy and Stephen’s cars right about the time Jeremy’s started to overheat.  We lent a hand and determined he needed some oil which he proceeded to track down.  During this adventure Jeremy was clocked by a rural police officer going 80 mph in a 55 zone.  The officer let Jeremy off on a warning but with a promise to call all of his rally buddies and tell them to have fun but to slow down! 

Due to the rain the first rally took 2 1/2 hours to complete.  By the time we made it back to the Speedway for an awesome lunch it was time to head back out again in order to get back in time to not be disqualified.  Having only 3 errors in the first leg of the race, the afternoon journey through Missouri was not quite as pretty.  Stephen and I were totally confused off the bat but pressed on and made it back to the Speedway by the deadline and then off to the Kansas City Downtown Airport where the Saturday night festivies were being held.

 Despite being exhausted and just barely dry after all of those hours, the party at the airport was awesome.  Held at the Airport Museum inside an airplane hanger, the backdrop was a Howard Hughes TWA airplane at one end looking into the building.  In front of the airplane was the stage where Soul Asylum played an awesome concert and we were once again treated to eats and drinks.  About 4:00 in the afternoon the clouds parted and the sun came out.  As the rally cars arrived at the Museum and were lined up again to ooooh and ahhhh about, the sun shined down upon them all with beautiful downtown Kansas City in the backround.  It was an awesome site.

As for the awards, Stephen and I figured based on the points of the third place car, that were had to have been right around 4th or 5th.  The third place car happened to be one of the ImagineAuto teams led by Neill Flood and Cindy Thomas.  Neill drove his Porsche 930 and apparently Cindy did an outstanding job of navigating it.  The first place winner was also an ImagineAuto car.  Bob Wayman, an ImagineAuto friend and customer, who by the way won last year as well, drove his 1991 Porsche 965 to victory.  Bob was just one point off of the rally course goal.

All in all it was a magnificently run event and one that we are marking on our calendar every year hereafter.  We’ll just be keeping our fingers crossed for a dry event next year!

dsc01157.JPG  dsc01156.JPG  dsc01162.JPG

dsc01159.JPG dsc01165.JPG  dsc01170.JPG

dsc01172.JPG  dsc01180.JPG  dsc01183.JPG

dsc01184.JPG  dsc01187.JPG  dsc01201.JPG

dsc01199.JPG  dsc01203.JPG  dsc01205.JPG


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Club Race and DE to Finish the Season

Well, two events left for the race season this year. We have been in a bit of a lull during the hot season here in the midwest, but with the temps cooling off, we will get in two more events before the snow flies. The 100 degree temps here in the midwest are really hard on the cars at the track (where temps on the blacktop reach well over 120 degrees), so we tend to skip most of the August/September events. If you are planning on making the events, please stop by and say hi!

This coming weekend (Oct 12th-14th), I will be down lending trackside support at Hallett Raceway in Oklahoma for the PCA club race and DE event. Headquarters will be ran out of or near Tim Peterson’s crew, so look for the big tractor trailer with the black/white checkerboard on it. With any luck, we will all be hanging out watching the cars go around the track, and not having to work on anything……HAHAHA..right. If our cars are running great, there is usually someone else that might need help, so I am typically running around trying to lend an extra hand to whoever might need it.

The following weekend (Oct 19th-21st), I will be providing trackside support out at Heartland Park Topeka for our last PCA DE event this season. Since this is a local event, you might even get to see some other IA faces out there. I should have camp set up in a garage somewhere near the south end, so look for me there. The new track surface was improved even more about 2 months ago when turn #1 and 2 were taken from a sharp 90 degree right and 90 degree left to an easier 45 degree right and then left turn. This will make coming over alpha zero a bit easier on the nerves. Also 8th turn on the backside has been straightened out slightly, which will make that a lot easier to take (especially in the wet weather).