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ImagineAuto Black Friday Blog Sale

kci-raceway-poster-ad-cropped.jpgIn the spirit of Thanksgiving and in celebration of our blog and those dedicated enough to take time out of their busy days to read what we have to say, we are hosting a Black Friday Imagine Nation Blog Sale!  Granted it is actually Tuesday, but let’s not get technical and just get down to the good part – the savings!

If you are smart enough to have added this Blog to your favorites or if you are just lucky enough to have run across our Blog in the next few days, take advantage of it!  ImagineAuto is unique in our ability to meet ALL of your Porsche needs.  You name it and we either have it, can get it, or will create it for you.  Most other Porsche shops out there are product-only or service-only but with ImagineAuto – if you can imagine it, we can truly make it happen for you.

So with that in mind what do you need right now?  A stronger motor, to be faster off the line, a more responsive suspension, shorter braking time with added power, or eye catching wheels and a body kit? 

boxster-anatomy.jpg Click the Boxster photo to see many of our available upgrades.

 997tt-anatomy-small.jpg Click the 997TT photo to see many of our possible upgrades!

Whether you are looking for services or products for your 997TT, 997, 996TT, 996, Boxsters, 930’s, 944’s and everything in between we offer everything under the sun.  Superchargers, Suspension, Body, Brakes, Wheels, Turbos, Exhaust Systems, any level Horsepower Kit – you name it, we have it.  Now would be a great time to schedule your motor rebuild or your EFI conversion or any other long term service projects.  Sale prices apply to the products associated with these services as well.  Schedule these appointment NOW as the slots available are filling up!

This Blog Sale is for our dedicated bloggies!  When e-mailing or calling reference the sale and we will help you put together your discounted package.  Everything at least 10% off with many items at deeper discounts.  We’ll also throw in FREE UPS Ground domestic shipping!  (Please note – GIAC tuning is not available at discounted rates.)

Don’t wait – this Black Friday Blog Sale is only good through Sunday, November 25th!  (Like I said, don’t get technical on the whole Black Friday thing, we’ll give you a few extra days to plan!)

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914 Chalon Update


I wrote a bit about the arrival of our son Jett’s 1972 Porsche 914 Chalon.  Jett is anxiously awaiting his time to tear into the project.  Unfortunately that will have to wait a bit until dad, PorschePhd, has a spare moment and Jett has a break from school again.  However, Jett is heavily armed now with a Chilton 914 repair manual, a vintage car magazine from 1972 featuring the 914 and a book explaining the complete history of the 914.  Luckily for us Jett is a magnificent reader and spends his spare time carefuly perusing the pages of his manual and books and is taking it all in.

These pictures represent the delivery of the car and the first view under the body as well as a few other areas.  Jett is shown adjusting the mirror – he’s a very pretty, very vain little guy! 

dsc00597.JPG      dsc00601.JPG

dsc00602.JPG     dsc00604.JPG


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Jett’s Rocket

1972 914 ChalonWell, so maybe not a rocket, but it is pretty cool.  Our 8 year old got his first car a couple of months ago.  What?  Don’t all 8 year olds already have their own cars?  Our 5 year old, Quinn, who is a mega-Porsche nut was totally annoyed and said, “Jett can’t have a car -he can’t even touch the pedals yet!”

While it’s true, this car came available for a mere $1,000 and it was too hard to turn down.  The 1972 Porsche 914 is a dying breed.  This model was in excellent condition and came with a unique Chalon body kit.  The Chalon kits were made to look like a mini 930 slant with its upgraded bumpers.  While the car packs a whopping 1.8L 4 cylinder engine, it will be plenty for a 15 or 16 year old’s first car.

Jett who is very analytical and enjoys Porsches because that’s what dad likes, was confused to say the least when we brought him up to the shop that day and told him we had a suprise for him.  We yelled suprise! and he looked at the car and looked at us and then said, what?  We explained to him that dad had found a car that the two of them over time could research and restore together and when he was old enough to drive, this would be his car.  He slowly caught on to the idea and then became quite excited.  It still hadn’t sunk in however on the drive home that afternoon, because he whispered to me, “Mom, I still don’t understand why dad bought me a car.”  Quinn quickly piped up, “yea, he should have bought me one too!  I like Porsches better!”  In time son, in time.

 Jett in Shop Jett’s Car