Rambles of the Kaspar family

Hey!! Not dead.

As you probably read from the title this blog isn’t completely dead. Yes yes it’s been four years since the last post and this blog won’t stay on the topics of cars. I am not porchePHD, I am his eldest son, the little guy that got his black belt. I’m a little more grown up now, fifteen at the moment and maybe more mature? Probably not but that’s still cool right? Sorry, don’t want to ramble too much, but let me tell you a little about myself.

I am Jett Kaspar, porschephd’s son. I am fifteen and a sophomore in high school. I like to think that I am quite athletic, and played for the school’s baseball team. But none of that is really important is it? When my dad (porschepdh) last talked about me I was eleven and a completely different person, yes somethings were the same for instance I played baseball, I love cars, I’m still sweet (or at least I like to think I am) and I’m a good student. But unfortunately, for some, I opened up. I’ve started expressing myself more and more and started to define myself. Ready for some rambling? No? Too bad. In sixth grade I switched schools, and at the time it seemed for the worse. I lost my friends, we were in a new house, I didn’t know anyone anymore, and I just thought it was the end of the world. But things got better, in sixth grade I made a few friends, not friends for life friends, but in the moment friends, and they coaxed me out of my protective little shell and got to see a little bit of the actual me. Lets jump to beginning of first quarter seventh grade. My “friends” dropped me like a hot potato and it was the beginning of sixth grade again, back to square one. But lucky for me this school quadrupled the amount of people I could talk to, so naturally I attempt to talk to the cute girl in my sixth hour math class, and hey believe it or not she became one of my close friends. She was the only actual friend I made that year, I know sad right? Rest of the year goes fine, I get A’s and B’s in all my classes and seventh grade ends, and eighth begins. Eighth grade is better however, this is the year I make two of my closest friends. One being that stereotypical emo looking kid, and the other a small shouty female. So the guy becomes closer to me than my actual brother at the time (and still is closer thinking about it), but the female was a little harder to befriend. But I was persistent and she was interesting, and it eventually worked itself out around ninth grade, but we aren’t there yet. Eighth grade I become that kid that everyone know, but doesn’t particularly like and I hated it. I did not like the attention. So in ninth grade I changed.

By the beginning of ninth grade the male, the shouty female, and the cute female are my best and closest friends I’ve ever had, and we only got closer. The male is my brother, I don’t care what anyone else says he is my brother. The shouty female had become my sister figure, and wasn’t as shouty, but she hadn’t grown any. But the cute one, oh the cute one. So beginning of ninth grade she was dating a stoner, and I may of been a little jealous, but she was happy and who was I to interfere right? But lucky for me they broke it off. It was right before WPA (women pay all? women pick all? idk) and she all of the sudden got kinda clingy and I was confused until she asked me to go with her. I could barely get my voice to work long enough to say yes I was so excited. WPA roles around and she only got closer. We and a group of friends went to Chipotle for dinner before the dance (I know classy right?), and she despite my protest pays for the things and we sit down. It went smoothly no one spilled anything on their clothes and no one  got stabbed, but we had some time to kill before we were picked up again so we moved tables and sat for a while and talked. But then under the table she grabbed my hand, keep in mind I have never had a girlfriend at this point. I know enough to hold it back and turn a nice rosy red while doing so. Things go good and we leave for the dance. We walk in anddddd it’s shitty pop music, so we stand around for a bit giggling and showing off our terrible dance moves. And then a slow song, oh dear god a slow song comes on. She pulls me out to dance and we start swaying slowly, but then she stops looks up at me, smiles and then kisses me. At this point I’m screaming WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING in my head, but hey I’m not that awkward and kiss her back. That’s my first kiss by the way and I’m sharing it with you all. Rest of the night goes smoothly and I end up dating my seventh grade crush for almost eight months going into tenth grade.

Believe it or not I broke it off, I just wasn’t happy anymore and she seemed happier with other guys, so what was the point of continuing along. Not going to bore you all with this story, just going to sum it up and say she was pissed for a few days, apologized for being a bitch (excuse my language) and we’re friends at the moment. This is brings us up to current time, so I have nothing else to tell you. I just wanted to introduce myself to whomever is reading this, in the hopes of posting interesting things. Also porschephd said he’ll start posting again if I did, so here I am rambling on and on and on and on. But thanks for reading this, however you got here and hopefully you’ll come back?  If you notice anything that I could work on leave a comment, I want to keep doing this and hell maybe I’ll get better at writing papers for english.Uhh not good at outros, so I guess I’ll talk to you guys later.