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Tuning for Lambo, Ferraris and more!!


As many have read on the blog(or not) we have expanded our tuning abilities by teaming up with EVOMS once again. This has allowed us to bring a new unparallel level of tuning to Porsche, Audi and VW. Acquiring the means to write software to Bosch and Siemens ECUs is not so easy. But once you have the ability and the means to do them you also open the door to many other possibilities. For us that expansion now includes Lamborghini, Ferrari  Bentley, BMW and Mercedes Benz. There have always been those that offer specific tuning to these cars but we feel with the decades of experience between the two companies we bring a software product to the market like no other.



We have spent countless hours tuning Murciélago’s, Gallardo’s, 360s and even the 430. These gains are mild to wild. Don’t be fooled by all the other hype in the market and on the internet. HP is king, but more importantly the drivability is what we notice. Most of the high performance cars we own make good power, but at what RPM? Imagine if you could have that power, both HP and Torque down low, sooner, faster! What would that feel like in real world terms. Hard to completely imagine how something simple can make such a huge difference. Tuning like any other profession is an art. You can either be a general practitioner or a specialist. We like to think we are specialist. Tuning for MAX HP and TQ is easy. Add a little timing a little fuel, raise the RPM limiter and make a couple of pulls. What we do is that, but then spend hour after hour loading the car back and forth to create drivability and smooth response. We look at the VE table, the TQ Bias maps, and so much more. We tell the gas pedal to respond like a gas pedal and not a button simulating a cable. All these things take hundreds of hours to tune and perfect. That we have done. Best of all, we drive what we build. For 10 years (official and many more unofficially) we have used our knowledge, our products to test on our own cars and then drive them everyday. This ensure that if it meets our standards we know it will meet yours. After all no one is harder on themselves then we are! Drop us a call, discuss your wants, needs and expectations in tuning and let us create that for you.


In addition to ECU tuning we also feel that air in and air out is important. We have a long standing relationship with Fabspeed and therefore can bring total tuning solutions to your Ferrari and Lamborghini and even Bentley and Maserati. All of our exhaust are fabricated from T304 stainless steel and all of our cats are TUV level 8 compliant. Which means no problems with DOT here in the states. Components include, muffler, secondary bypasses and high flow cats that will allow twice the flow of air than the stock OEM cats. On some models we also have headers available for more TQ and HP where you want it.  All exhaust system keep compliance with the warranty. How much gain with the exhaust can one expect, try anywhere from 12HP to 28 depending on the model of your car. Group that with real world ECU tuning and your car and your driving experience will never be the same again.




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Breaking News! Dyno Day a Hit!

Great turn out Saturday at the ImagineAuto Dyno Day. Thanks to all who entered, attended, helped with and cheered on the cars. A nice variety of makes were represented: Mitsubishi Evo 9’s, Subaru STI Wagon, Corvettes, Turbo Mustang, Dodge SRT 8 Wagon, Audi S4, and a couple of Porsches. I actually was the last one standing when it came to grilling burgers for everyone and after the first couple hockey pucks, actually got into the groove. It was hard to tell though whether the smoke smell I carried away with me on Saturday was from the grill or the Mustang that was dyno’d!
A little excitement ensued when Brian Huff showed up in his 1988 Mustang 2.3 Turbo. Once it was strapped down on the dyno and some power was put down, it gave off quite a large amount of smoke. After iA made absolute certain that Brian understood that there was a possibility it was going to explode, the car actually put out an impressive 306 HP. Not bad considering the turbo, the motor and everything in between was in jeopardy of blowing up! Of course iA’s resident 6 year old was very disappointed that the explosion didn’t actually occur!
Below are the HP results:
Robert Lemmon – 2001 Mitsubishi Evo 9 – 342 HP
Richard Moncayo – 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 9 – 324 HP
Justin Mutch – 1998 Subaru STI Wagon – 227 HP
Joe Moncada – 2007 Corvette – 373 HP
Brian Huff – 1988 Mustang 2.3 Turbo – 306 HP
Mike Jacobs – 1989 930 Porsche – 488 HP
Jeff Parlato – 1999 Corvette – 354 HP
Peter Granat – 2001 Porsche 996TT – 271 HP
Dale Berry – 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Wagon – 440 HP
Charles Waters – 2000 Audi S4 – 270 HP
Remember that ImagineAuto has the AWD Mustang Dyno available every day if you are interested in challenging your friend to a run-off. We also are pleased to offer car club discounts on multiple dyno runs. Call iA to arrange your next gathering here. I’d be happy to grill some burgers for you! 😉

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Another IA engine build

Just a quick warning you might find the pictures below disturbing, I know everyone at the shop did.  So this engine was rebuilt by us just about 4000 miles ago and some how they managed to punch a hole in the front mounted oil cooler spilling out about every ounce of oil,  after we drained the tank and sump we got about six ounces out.  Despite the oil level gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil temp gauge, and dummy light once the engine no longer has oil pressure all reading nothing and the light shining ,  they continued to keep driving and from the damage that was done this was not a slow speed Sunday Cruise this had to be caused by high RPM’s HIGH boost and VERY high speed. 

after a full day of trying to disassemble of the upper half of the motor which is not very easy with the engine locked solid!! We then had to figure how to spit the case halves,  very difficult with a lock motor cause if you cant rotate the engine over you cant get the wrist pins off to remove the pistions we found that once the rod end broke it continued flying around in side the case and dammanged both halves of the case and the cylinder.  it also spun every rod bearing and made the main journals in the case eggshaped.  with metal every were in this case and oversize and egg shaped main journals the case will soon become a table in the shop or a very big paper weight! 






After every thing was cleaned inspected and measured we ended up with a lot of scrap metal and very few usable parts, I think the heads are about the only thing that was not damaged.  stick around for the Start of the Build and we do have more pics i can put up it just makes we sick to look at this much damage.


Dyno Day at iA, Saturday December 6th – Don’t Miss!

No doubt all your Christmas shopping is done by now and you are looking for something to do this weekend?!  ImagineAuto has you covered.

10 Dyno Spots – ONLY 5 REMAIN – ONLY 2 REMAIN – any make, any model.  Are you up for the challenge?

Bring your friends and your friends’ friends and enjoy a day filled with revved engines, raw horsepower, and a little smack talk.  Admission is free and ImagineAuto is providing a free BBQ lunch.

Meet the ImagineAuto tuning specialists! PLUS Chad and his gang from KC Trends will be on hand to show off some of their product and join in the fun.

Call 913-310-9927 or email for more information.

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iA moves in to a new world of custom programing!!


For years ImagineAuto with my lead have been tuning turbos of many generations. Most of our major tuning in house has been on the various EFI systems installed from electromotive, Autronic to Motec. In years past we grouped with GIAC to help with program our TTs, Boxsters, 996s and so on. The biggest hurdle for us was always the time it took to deal with the larger companies and really getting the level of tuning we knew and wanted. Tuning EFIs for the last 15 years I am very particular about what I want for our customers and what they need. Always getting there is a different story.

Our relationship with EVO spans back since the beginning of both companies introduction into the Porsche tuning world. We have grown and built our companies together like two fathers watching their children grow on the same baseball league.


EVO Motorsports and more specifically Todd Zuccone over the last 1.5 years had been working behind the scenes to elevate the same issues I was having so he acquired the means to tune and headed down the path to become educated in a very complicated program. The end results have been nothing short of staggering.


How does this come into play with myself and iA you ask…Well, on many levels with the knowledge of tuning I have had for the last 15 years and what Todd has acquired in this specific arena and OBD port flashing and tuning we are now truly able to write and program for any Porsche with our exact needs, wants and criteria in mind.  There are only a few people in the industry associated with the EVOMSit software that can write it in house. We are one of those selected few that have that ability. So no more canned programs where we rely on the program accepting and moving parameters as much as 20% to compensate for broad tuning. We can specifically tune where and what maps we want.



EVOMSit is dedicated to achieving ultimate perfection with the upgrades and services that we offer.  ECU tuning is an art and having the ability to manipulate various different Porsche ECU’s is something that only a handful of companies throughout the world can successfully perform.  EVOMSit is one of these elite few that can live tune Bosch and the Siemens-VDO ECU’s in house; however this is only a piece of the equation.


The other critical aspect of successful ECU tuning is to possess complete hands on mechanical understanding of the latest generation high performance Porsche engines.  This is the foundation of  EVOMSit and there are no other US based aftermarket performance companies that have more experience and has built more engines than Evolution MotorSports has.  We have practically reengineered the entire Porsche flat 6 engine and we have manufacture our own components that replace the OEM internals.  Combining these two equally important facets of the engine tuning process clearly sets  EVOMSit as a true leader in all aspects of engine tuning and development.



Our testing and performance validation procedures are carried out under very strict conditions including dyno power testing and drive simulation, street driving as well as on the race track.  Our modified vehicles have been tested by professional race drivers for independent validation and product feedback at the Bondurant test track. We test vehicles with various different performance components, exhausts, intake systems, turbos and we ensure our software is compatible and yields powerful, consistent and reliable results.  Our portfolio of performance software is available for all late model Porsche vehicles from 1996 to the current model Cayenne and 911 DFI engines.

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Buffalo Run 2008 Pictures

It was another awesome year at the KC Magazine’s Buffalo Run 2008 version!  ImagineAuto had the pleasure of sponsoring the event for the third year in a row and we as usual, had a really great time.

Friday night’s event took place at Harrah’s Casino’s Voodoo Lounge.  With Cooranbong Vodka flowing freely, the Rally participants mingled with friends and competitors while listening to guest concert artist Gavin DeGraw.  While Gavin proved to be an interesting character, the event was a great time!  And Team ImagineAuto followed up the evening (well, it was actually already Saturday I believe) with a hearty Denny’s meal to get carbed up and raring to go for the Concours and Rally.

Five thirty a.m. arrived way too soon and as the cars were parked on the Plaza by 6:45.  It was a very cold but beautiful October morning and by mid-morning the streets of the Plaza were packed with participants and spectators alike.  Of course there was a ton of good-hearted trash talk that took place – most of it fueled by one Melvin…

IA’s 997TT actually headed back to the shop after the Concours to anticipate a rush of Rally participants as they stormed the shop for their piece of the deck on the Poker Run leg of the event.  That was a blast watching all of the cars squealing through our otherwise quiet business park setting and coming to a slow enough roll that our 6 year old, Quinn, could hand them a card out of the deck.  The plan was that if there was a close race at the end, the best poker hand would win.

From what we hear the Rally was a great drive and upon its end, landed the participants at Aristocrat Motors.  Congratulations to fellow ImagineAuto Team Rob and Leslie Dorrell who came in second place with their 2008 M5 BMW.

Oh, by the way, I’m back to bloggin’ – YES! 

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On with the Mods….Suspension time! Bilstein Coilover heaven.





Originally when we bought the 997TT in from Chicago there were little in the way of modifications available. We created some in the form of tuning, worked with other companies to build intakes, etc. The one thing that simply was not available while leaving the PASM in place was suspension modifications. Knowing that the car was really not headed to the Dakar Rally we quickly teamed with Tech Art and waited until the first set of TA lowering springs hit American soil. Once in and on the car finally had a stance that we could be proud of.

The ride was firmer but like any lowering spring addition you always seem to find your self saying, does that rebound with the spring feel right….nah must be in my head. So we accepted that for the money it was certainly well worth the gain and the looks it created.

Over the summer we received a brand new Bilstein Dampstronic suspension. It has sat what feels like forever next to the couch in my office. Projects and day to day business certainly put the slow down on personal projects. So finally as we have found a small enough window to have installed my brand new suspension.

Unlike the suspension kits from Bilstein for past cars or current cars that would use the PSS9s or PSS10s this system doesn’t have the ability to control damping of the system by a knob on the top of the housing. The system remains completely PASM compliant and has all the workings to internally lock up the strut for a stiffer ride just like the factory. The difference is the progressive nature of the system. The more the system is pushed the more aggressive it becomes on the road. Drive to the grocery store and the system is very compliant and drives well. In fact much better than stock in my opinion. No bobbing, uneasy roll, very firm and sure on the road. Need a little more than that, hit the sport button and allow the system to lock it down and hit the track. This is without question one of the best improvements for the car both on the street and track use.




Install is pretty straight forward, pull the old ones off, install the new ones in the exact same fashion. This system is completely adjustable so ride height is open to the hearts content. I personally chose a GT3RS ride height. The alignment specs we chose are not that of GT3RS but one of a cross between the Gt2 and the TT. Win win for many situations and certainly daily driving.